Friday, February 19, 2016

Backing up digital files to the iCloud

We are all about easy and secure access of our digital files.

We have been using Amazon's iCloud -

I will post here what you will see, after you sign up for the free Amazon iCloud UNLIMITED storage solution:

This is notes from Amazon iCloud, when you add your credit card info and take the tour:
The desktop app is the quickest way to upload multiple files at once or to back up your computer. Install the app and sign in with your Amazon login to start uploading. You'll be able to view and share your photos online and on your phone.

Then you will add your cellphone link if you wish:

Cloud Drive On The Go
Now that you've got the desktop app, you can download the mobile app to access your photos from anywhere you are. You'll see all the photos you've uploaded through the desktop app, plus you can auto-save photos from your phone, and more.

You would get this screen to upload your photos and videos:
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