Friday, February 19, 2016

Bayside Digital

When and why Bayside Digital services started.

During Hurricane Sandy, Lucine was in Virginia visiting her girlfriend Yogini. They stopped by one of Yogini's neighbours, Anthony. Anthony showed us the few framed photos he was left with. All the family photos that were at Anthony's father's house up in New York were completely LOST during Hurricane Sandy. Water had rushed thru the basement of his house and all the family's irreplaceable photos and albums were GONE!

Lucine decided to have her photo collection digitized, to save from loss and damage. Her son Alex, who has graphics design background, gladly took upon himself the huge pending project. Alex digitized all 8+ shoe boxes, plus two xerox boxes full of photos with professional tools! What a relief once all those were digitized! Over 9000 analog photos were now safe and accessible anytime and anywhere, ALL archived!

They found out many of their friends were in the same situation. They wished their collection were digitized. Hence, Bayside Digital was created by the end of May 2015.

Bayside Digital is here to help you out with all those boxes of paper photos and albums you cherish. Don't you wish they were all digitized? If you tried to do it yourself on flatbed, you know how time consuming and overwhelming task it is. Also it's not of the best quality output. We can do it at a fraction of the time with high quality output.

If you keep your photos in boxes, there is the threat of damage or loss from natural disasters and deterioration over time.

Let's turn your treasured photos into digital format, to share and enjoy on every modern device. You never know when you might need them!

Let's make it easy to relive those long forgotten family and friends gatherings, vacations, parties, celebrations.

Your treasured paper photos deserve to be digitized and archived. Once we have your photos organized, you'll be able to update and add all your other digital files in one place.

We have the FAQ page as to how to prepare your bundles for digitization and the order form.

Look for our specials often. We also offer special discounts and donate to non-profit organizations holding special events.

Check out blog for information and helpful tips. Bayside Digital brings your family photos to the 21st century: contact them at:

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