Friday, February 19, 2016

Getting family photos scanned and digitized

Why the time to digitize is NOW? ASAP?

Taking care of our precious family photos certainly is not top priority. Will your photo collection survive a natural disaster? Or deterioration over time? When should you start taking care of them? The time is NOW to get them digitized.

There are many advantages of digitization:
You will enjoy often watching and relive those precious moments
Rediscover moments you had almost forgotten about.
Have them available for future generations
Perhaps start a family blog or book? Once all your photos are digitized, it's much easier to accomplish that task.
Easily create slide shows or movies for upcoming events: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, reunions, showcase your parties over the years, all your travels, commemorate the memory of a loved one, just to name a few.
Sadly, the untimely loss of our loved family or friends is not the time to digitize.
When downsizing, you'll be glad you do not have to take all those boxes and albums with you.
Moving away? Do you travel for extended time? Just grab your external hard-drive or access from online location.

Create special family books to give out.
Help individuals, familes and seniors declutter, downsize, move, etc.
Helps de-clutter and create more space.
A layer mentioned in cases of divorce, division of photos is important. I had recently an acquaintance who got divorced and he was so sad, as he had only ONE photo from his entire 25 years of wedding!
Once they get digitized professionally, you may give away most of your printed photos or use in collage and other artwork. And keep the most important ones storing in archival storage.
We are sure you have many ideas to showcase and bringing them to life. As they were meant to be enjoyed and not just stored, almost forgotten in the basement, attic, closet,drawers, in envelopes.
We have found out sadly divorce and separations happen. You might no longer have access to the memories you created together. Who will have possession of the family memories? Get them digitized and secure your own history.
So get all your photos in one place, print out the order form and let's digitize them

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