Saturday, February 11, 2017

External Hard Drives and USB flash drives

We use various external drive for data storage: our digital photos, videos, documents go into hard drives. Besides the hard drives, we also use USB flash drives to carry with us specific files and folders. Besides, you may wish to share some of your photos and videos with family and friends. DVDs and CDs are almost on their way out. Many of the newer laptops no longer have DVD or CD readers built in. You might have to buy a separate DVD or CD reader. Hence, the external hard drive and USB flash drives are very useful. You might like to have the cloud storage, however it's best to be in charge of your own collection and in addition to the cloud storage, have your own portable external hard drives. I will list here some of the drives and USB flash drives we buy often: EXTERNAL HARD DRIVES Check the blog entry with links to External Hard Drives: Data Storage Solutions