Thursday, April 27, 2017

Family legacies and obituaries

This year, starting with January 2nd to this day, namely April 27, 2017 I cannot remember a time in my life hearing of so many deaths!! A week or day doesn't pass by we are alerted of a death among relatives, former UN colleagues, friends, neighbors and our community.

I decided today to keep dedicate this page to people that I have known either as an aquaintance or close friends, community figures and neighbors.

Today was Hrag Vartanian's father's obituary in Toronto Star. Hrag's family is from the ancesterial home in Aintab, Turkey and as the fate of the indigineous people of Asia Turkey they were uprooted as well. I had to read about his father and I learned so much. It was interesting to find out he started with photography, passport photos and editing photos as well! However, life took different turns. Sharing here with you the obituary of Samuel Vartanian:

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